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Short Films

Official Poster - The Shakespeare Book C

"The Shakespeare Bookclub"

Web Series/Short Film

Livy and Sam have been best friends since grade school, and to Livy, that means it’s her duty to help shy Sam get out into the world by whatever means necessary. Even Shakespeare…and wine.

*Official Selection at the Canada Shorts Film Festival

*Award of Commendation - Canada Shorts Film Festival

*Official Selection at the Airdrie Film Festival

"The Forgotten Ones"


In the blink of an eye, everything changed... and now, they're on their own. Doing their best to survive, this unlikely group of travellers wonders if they will ever find home again.

*Official Selection at the Airdrie Film Festival

*People's Choice Award Winner - Airdrie Film Festival

Official Poster -The Forgotten Ones.png
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